Welcome to FolkWoman.ca. This is the blog of Amanda Ramsay, Interdisciplinary Storyteller.

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Amanda publishes

Although I always wanted to go to school for publishing or creative writing, what I did go to school for in combination with the fantastic experiences I've had in life, was political science, literature, history, and Power Engineering 4th class.

I run a desktop publishing practice more than business, because I'm working on my abilities.

Amanda is an Artist

Since growing up as a child, I have always appreciated beauty and the experimentation process of art. Mostly a visual person, I have struggled with how to give the best truth to a story.

Sometimes an image does the best thing for a story, and sometimes the story itself needs to be heard. Experimenting and working on projects, whether through colouring, sketching, illustration, painting, collage, or sculpture, is how I work through my healing process.

Plus I have many more media I work with.

Amanda's Designs

These are Amanda's designs on apparel. Original designs and composites on clothing that is durable and comfortable.

For Amanda's writing or publishing, please check out the collection: FolkWoman Publishing HERE.

Or, for her Original Art, click HERE.