CBC Nonfiction Prize 2021. You entering?

CBC Nonfiction Prize 2021. You entering?

In about two hours I wrote my submission for the CBC Nonfiction Prize and the submissions are open! Go dump yours in. I'm going to neurotically work on mine and I can't share until after the announcements are made since they have to be unpublished works. But, I'm thinking I will show you folks what I submitted for the CBC Poetry Prize, which -Bummer-did not make the short list, but which motivates me to do better next time. Every rejection or overlook is going to be another time in the future I can say, "Despite that, I wrote."


Go take a look at the WEBSITE PAGE for CBC Nonfiction Prize here tell me if you're going to participate because we could motivate each other through the edits. Also, I'm in love with reading other people's nonfiction. It's just storytelling afterall.

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