Life this year has made changes in everyone's life. In mine, it has helped me narrow down my focus and to let go of things that don't matter. As I get better at things, they should require less of my energy, which is becoming a precious commodity each year I age and each time my conditions worsen. The website hasn't been that for me yet... the darn thing really does need a proper revamp.

The final website vision is almost here!

Each time I edit it, I make changes that are a gradual progression toward functional finish lines while also playing with the style each time. I've been getting closer and closer to where it needs to be but as a creative it's taken a lot of playing on my part with it.

I'm also narrowing down the products I want to sell as merchandise and recreating my collections. It's a load of work but I think it will be worth the wait for the precision of this vision and the ease it will bring to my daily routine. It's too much work and too spread out among too many variables at present and I would like to focus my tasks on my goals and #1 mission.


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