Fall 2021 & My Seasonal Goals:

Fall 2021 & My Seasonal Goals:

Happy Friday!


This month I am working hard trying to finish a project proposal and I decided I didn't want to complete the "Feasibility Study" separate from the actual project.It means I have two weeks not to write a grant proposal for a small feasibility study but for a large project. It's a bit of stress but good stress.


While I looked at doing a separate feasibility study, I also know myself. Once I get creating something, I become obsessed and can't stop. This project came to me about a month ago now and it's the most complete "art show" idea I've ever had. It came to me whole, complete, ready to sell as an idea.


I do not want to describe this project. I am excited and terrified all at the same time but if I apply for this grant and don't get it, I will be crushed. This project is everything for me right now. It is a huge undertaking for someone with my disabilities and yet I know that this is the most passionate I've felt about anything since I worked on that Salmon for the Skeena Salmon Festival this spring/summer.

Since I do not yet feel comfortable talking about that project, I'll now turn toward some of the projects I have planned for this website this season.


Here are the list of items I hope to complete by the end of November 2021:


  • A personal essay on invisible disabilities.
  • A handout/worksheet on wasps or spiders, or two on both, haven't decided yet.
  • A personal essay on partisanship in Canada and BC politics.
  • Begin an inventory of terms. (WMS)
  • Product review and instructional on the FolkWoman Labels and Stickers.
  • Applause for Indigenous Brilliance: my favouritest Room issue ever!
  • Shift to bilingual content.
  • Share more videos including singing, reciting, and speaking.


 I have not yet decided if I will be doing some of those "personal essays" on video, written, both, or via a podcast/oral/voice over video, etc. See how confusing creating can be for folks who have multiple skills? Ugh. The curse of being multi-

Here is the list of things I have already shared this month. I will update it with links as I complete and post items:


  • Seasonal Recipe "Anti-Stress Garden Mojito" Copy & Design & Photography & Recipe Experimentation.
  • Recipe Card printables with seasonal recipe in two sizes and two languages. Priced accordingly.
  • Blank Recipe Cards in the Seasonal Design, in two sizes, two languages and available in groups of 50ct.
  • Redesigned layup and operation of website & theme.


Check back once in awhile to see how I'm doing would you?


If you are from the north west, Kitimat, Terrace, Prince Rupert, Port Edward, or you happen to be from other communities that I don't belong to, I will welcome making connections of any kind, with neighbours of all walks of life.


Thank you for taking the time to read about my goals and hopes for the following months, what are your goals? Tell me about them in the comments or send me a personal message to info@folkwoman.ca.




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