My Campfire Design & Story-Telling Campfire Powder

My Campfire Design & Story-Telling Campfire Powder

I had a lot of fun learning how to use a digital drawing/design/sketch program on my new professional-level mobile phone.


I was trying to find a way to design my own product logo which I wanted to have a campfire in it because the product was my "Storyteller's Powder" which is a food-safe fire additive which is used mostly for dramatic flair! Or, flare? I guess both apply here.


Last summer as we camped about northern BC all summer as deliberate homeless folk, we encountered a cool new trend of "Coloured Flames."


There are quite a few different brands and applications available for these coloured flames but none are safe to cook over after you've added them to your fire.


Instead I developed a new product.



No, it doesn't change the colour of the flames but it does cause the flames to leap up dramatically so that you can startle your unwitting youth or children, family and friends as they continue to cook their marshmellows on your fire.


I was inspired by "Are you afraid of the dark?" a tv show that was on air in the 90's and one of my favourites of all time.



At the beginning of each episode, the titular character or main story-teller, pulls a handful of dust out of an old pouch, and just before announcing the title of the episode or -more importantly!- introducing the story, they would say:



"this is the story of..."


Throw the dust! Fire flames jump up dramatically, even noisily in some cases!


"...the midnight snacker!"


Except, the title would be scary or a little creepy sounding. After that we'd watch Goosebumps. YTV "after dark" was the best thing on TV for this Canadian gal. I like alternative story telling and the best kind is those stories told around fires, in person, and in the voices of those who lived their tales.


The campfire to me is almost a spiritual ground where the purity of fire and the heaviness of late night, the stars overhead bearing witness on all that occurs, like your beacon pulls their attention to you.

I wanted to be sure the design showed the wistful feelings and the nostalgia I had while creating it.


The products and their design turned out great. They are for sale at New Age Insights in Terrace and I used glass jars to ensure environmental responsibility. Michelle has bulk story-telling powder behind the counter and will refill for you if you need more!


If you would like to order this design in a JUMBO (5 inch) STICKER! Click Here.

If you would like to order a 12 inch canvas of this design, click here.



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