Review: My Latest Apple Watch Band from Amazon/Wearlizer

Review: My Latest Apple Watch Band from Amazon/Wearlizer



I often get complimented on my watch straps.


In case you're one of my admirers, here's my latest:



Since I settled my accident and used the money to purchase items that would make activity and accessibility easier, one of those great tools has been an apple watch.


I have chronic pain, disabilities, and I often forget to eat, or sleep, or anything, if I'm in the middle of a creative episode. My watch uses haptics to tickle me from that state that most neurodiverse folks call "HyperFocus."


The haptics of an apple watch are an amazingly gentle way to remind me to stand, to move or stretch, even to take time to eat!


This watch band has been amazing. The straps haven't broken, the loops haven't released, and the pins haven't bent or buckled.


Here's my review on Amazon, but if you like the style of my watch strap, you can get one here:



 Since you spotted it on me and I'm referring the product, I may get a small affiliate bonus for your purchase. Money from my affiliate links will help pay for more reviews.

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