Skeena Salmon Arts Festival 2021

Skeena Salmon Arts Festival 2021

It's been a minute, hasn't it?


I wanted to let you folks know that there is a piece I made for the Skeena Salmon Arts Festival and I just dropped it off yesterday. It's not my best work and it was done in a rush after finding out they wanted me to submit.

The 2021 Skeena Salmon Art Show Reminder Image to Submit Proposals for the Art Show.

It took me three and a half weeks to complete (almost a whole month) and the budget ended up being rather less than I expected.

The Skeena Salmon Arts Festival will open this Friday.

The festival's about information summarizes their information as this:

"Salmon are one of the main reasons many of us live, work and play in the Skeena Watershed, and are the foundation for many of our communities and cultures. Salmon inspire and sustain us.
We seek to celebrate salmon through our art."


If you want to keep track of the event and the event details, follow them on the following pages/media:


My piece is titled "The Last Salmon" and is a folk sculpture as I meditate on the same products I used to be able to afford such a structure, the materials I repurposed and reused, and finally - the plastics that helped me build the darn thing.

Weighing less than 20 pounds, The Last Salmon, is an exploration of guilt, consumer plastics, and the role of industry in putting both salmon and freshwater at risk.

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