Ten Styles of Journaling: I’ve tried them all!

Ten Styles of Journaling: I’ve tried them all!

Below are Ten Ways of Journaling that I have tried.


These are my own categories and how I define journaling styles.


Some folks use multiple journaling styles like myself, others are strictly one type. We all have routines that we adjust over time and a journal, diary, or writing routine is not any different. You'll have to expect to tailor it to your needs and expectations.


One of the best ways I know to discover what journaling routine will stick is to ask yourself - what do you need from it? I need a place to put all my thoughts, especially the ones I just want to let go of and "throw away." Does this mean that my journal is a place where I vent or throw shade? Sometimes. Most of the time though it's where I wrestle with ideas and beliefs that I have, that others have, that pop up in my daily, that I have to make peace with or understand better.


Whatever journaling style you choose, be sure to stay open to other methods and approaches because nothing will feel right until you get into a routine.


Here is a list of Journaling styles and types. While each has an example this is not an exhaustive list nor are these ten types the "only" types you might encounter. Try one a week until you can't seem to let go of the one that you "discover" is your favourite. Give it a shot after you decide why you want to journal.


  1. Journaling (diary)
  2. Emotional Regulation (dumping ground book)
  3. Bullet Journaling (minimalism in organizing thoughts)
  4. Journaling for Efficiency & Organization (productivity journaling)
  5. Creative Journaling (design)
  6. Book of Stories (writing)
  7. Book(s) of Purpose(s) (eg.sleep journal, recipe book)
  8. List Books (grocery list, list of herbs, like personal encyclopedias)
  9. Idea Development (dumping place & scholastic purposes)
  10. Preservation and Notation (historical, log books, etc.)


I still have an example of each of these journaling styles. If I have/had time I would love to share a few examples of these in my own life but I'm still in the midst of a move. (I hate unpacking.) I will see if I find them and set them aside once we're all settled. In the mean time, give this list a shot and tell me what you think.


Thanks for reading!


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