The Lost Generation & a Great Article

I hear a lot of ignorant people saying "oh, seems like everyone now is getting diagnosed with autism/adhd/ neurodiverse condition xyz..." as if implying that there's an over-diagnosis or "epidemic" going on. The reality is that there are thousands of women and non-binary folks who were missed while the boys or male-presenting autistics got diagnosis, help, and tools to manage their own needs.


Women, female presenting, and queers alike (we) were all missed as youth and children because we were so "odd" and like any women who has been hurt, we were blamed for not trying hard enough to prevent the injury by "fitting in." But our brains are inherently different and we feel and behave differently because we are different.


I have many stories of harm that I experienced because I am different and I will continue to be so until I die. Will you choose to be an ally to those who are neurodiverse?


Below is a great article that summarizes some of the best medical research but also outlines the experiences of women who were diagnosed late in life and ostracized for the earlier parts of that life. I've run the gauntlet of microaggressions from people who don't want to take responsibilities for their own actions and I've had a surprisingly large number of people apologize to me years afterwards for their role in what happened.


Like I said, are you a friend and ally?


Read this:


Thanks for reading!

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