Folk Woman Myth: Mirror of Truth

Folk Woman Myth: Mirror of Truth

 The Mirror of Truth Myth was inspired by a story I heard a long time ago from a First Nations elder. I was four years old so I recall little of the original elder or culture it came from, but their story was about a group of children who did something that resulted in the whole of the community being forever altered.
To me and many my age, we grew up hearing older adults complaining about our youth and our choices, but the truth is that youth aren't the ones wrecking things. Mostly it's rich, entitled, older adults that ruin the world for the rest of us.
We all carry the power to change the world and to make ourselves known to the world around us by our actions. For each of us, like my myth, we carry the capacity to create what we see is missing in the world but only if we recognize that power.
What can you see?
Click on the following images to download the short myth "Mirror of Truth,"

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The design looks like this:



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