Writing Challenge Accepted!

Writing Challenge Accepted!

Without saying it, describe it...

Having ADHD

I really enjoy Facebook for the plethora of creative fodder it provides. I feel the same about any place where people unashamedly share things that are so personal and beautifully true for them. It's scary being vulnerable in a world as judgemental as this one.

I belong to a number of ADHD groups on various sites and one of them challenged me with the task of "Tell me you have ADHD without saying 'I have ADHD'" and the trick was that they really needed a laugh.

Writing Challenge Accepted!

Warning. If you don't know me well yet, then you should know I have a dark humour.

Here's what I shared:

I hope you don't mind my "darker" humour.


(Pulls out medicine from cabinet. Gets ready to take it)


I forgot to take a medicine yesterday that has no benefits to skipping, including the fact that it's a mental health medicine and I take it to prevent chronic suicidality. If I accidentally skip it, I get serious withdrawal symptoms because I cannot create my own happy hormones.

It caused cold-chills all last night, a faux-fever, pop-corn thoughts that have nothing to do with reality, and then gave birth to a migraine.
As a kid it was a mood, distraction and activity level issue paired with Autism that went undiagnosed my whole life. Now I can't even distract myself from a slow painful death with the illusion of drugs because the withdrawals make you want to die as you remember you were taking the meds to stay alive.

Did I see a Squirrel?

(Wanders off...)

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