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Hey, I totally flubbed my last giveaway. Luckily I still think I have it in me to organize a giveaway. Interested in books? Like candles? What about a relaxing personality? Well, you'll get all three and more with the coming Giveaway announcement. #staytuned

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This is a test.   This is HEADING ONE   This is HEADING TWO   This is HEADING THREE   This is HEADING FOUR This is HEADING FIVE This is HEADING SIX   This is the BLOCK QUOTE piece.   This is still paragraph.

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This article originally appeared on the blog and is republished here with permission. I’ve thought long and hard about whether to share this with you, my friends. But, I’ve long held a loyalty to truth regardless of its ugliness. Allow me to fess up and tell you the whole truth now.   I have had severe depression since I was a child. The first time I thought about killing myself, I was 8 years old. My daughter is that age now. After a particularly bad day at school, after relentless daily bullying by my peers for two years, I...

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