February Book Study Announcement!

February Book Study Announcement!

As my anxiety over the book study I've already committed to reaching a climax, I'm ready to announce that I'll be doing it all over again next month except I've got it a touch more organized for February.

Join me to discuss Bob Joseph's book titled 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act. This book takes otherwise abstract concepts of parliamentary legislation and shows you the immediate effects on historical and contemporary First Nations, Metis, and Indigenous peoples in North America, but especially those under the Indian Act in Canada.

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He doesn't shy away from showing you the facts and historical documents. This book, like the remainder of its title was written for the purpose of "Helping Canadians Make Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples a Reality," and he does so brilliantly.

As a euro-white who was raised in the north west of British Columbia, where the Rocky Mountains meet the Coastal mountains and drive on up together through Yukon into Alaska, there's a very different culture here.

Growing up, our communities - First Nations of various Nations, and mine, which was French Catholic/British Protestant - were segregated but we don't want to think about it in this way. It's hard to think about how my ancestors or family might have not only contributed to this alienation of a people from their culture and identities, but also how I might still benefit from this process and legislation. For example, are we not still segregated in many cases?

First Nations were fighting throughout my youth; I was awed to be witness to the first Land Treatises being drafted up between the BC government and not just any first nations in Canada, a northern BC First Nation.

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On February 25th, I want to go through this book. It gives examples of things you can do to support First Nations, Metis, & Indigenous Rights in cooperation with the UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

I'll be attaching a variable reading schedule that anyone can use to prepare them for reading tough stuff. Some folks might find the details and information that you learn disturbing or even triggering in the truly clinical definition.  If this is you then you may not be in a safe place to tackle this book. That's okay. It's not a failure and you're not failing reconciliation. You can come back to it another time. 

Once February's Zoom Book Study is filmed, I'll be editing it for brevity and posting it online, those remain private for the participants. If you need to come back to this particular study another time, then I will be doing my best to host it here after the event for free.

Check it out & Register HERE

Thanks for reading!

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