It's true! New Book Study on January 28th!

It's true! New Book Study on January 28th!

Hello Folks,

I have planned a book analysis of The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz.

This book changed my life in a number of ways I want to explore and share as it was the first time I had encountered (as a youth) a non-Canadian indigenous theory based on cultural narratives different from our colonial ones. 

I found it refreshing and full of bits of wisdom.



While the don and I don't particularly agree on some things like the existence of God, there is wisdom in his teachings that can touch anyone in a unique way. I'd like to share some of those teachings beyond the depth of the primary four agreements and offer a full analysis for discussion.

Space is limited because we'll be located on Zoom. First come, first learn. 

Please register via this Free Book Study - Jan 28th, and you will get the Welcome package that will include an invitation to join Zoom if you haven't downloaded the free service yet (available on phone or desktop).

Then, the invitation is available in the PDF as a click-through link.

Details for local Misty Rivers Books to get your own copy of The Four Agreements. If you live regionally, I offer you a PDF link on Amazon that will supply a small affiliate revenue per referral which will go toward hiring a part time assistant so I can offer more book studies and reviews that would be locally relevant and useful. 

Be sure to register, seating is limited!

Click on the image below to be taken to the registration page:


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