Why a Book "Study" not Book "Club?"

Why a Book "Study" not Book "Club?"


I've gotten this question the most as I've been putting up posters around town and dropping off event postcards.

Why are you calling it a book study?

It's a book study because this will be the first in a monthly series of book studies that may deal with topics that may be emotional or personally affecting. If this is the case, sometimes reading a book alone can feel intimidating. I understand this feeling. I've often looked at books and longed to read them but been scared about my mental health afterward. I can be a bit sensitive. Things I read can stick with me a long time and even colour my day or whole week.

This month we're tackling The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and while it's a very good book, some folks feel too much pressure from the author's style of voice to be strict adherents to his style of "Agreements," as if they're the new Ten Commandments. Don't fret, Agreements are things you modify to keep in your own way. They're simple and easy.


On January 28th I'll be tackling this book, it's agreements, and what science actually has to say about these practices.

Want to come? The seating on Zoom is limited (I'm a one-woman show) so please register and I will send you an invitation to the event. Later this weekend I will send a series of personal study questions to help assess the book in more depth from your own perspective and to help you get your own feelings about the book out if you have a hard time expressing yourself or knowing what you think about what you read.

This is an all-levels study and is made free for those in my community, the City of Terrace, which is situated on the traditional and unceeded lands of Ts'msyan Nations, particularly in this area, the Kitselas and Kitsumkalum. Please be aware that this study will work to tackle colonial assumptions that we make in opposition to the agreements that Miguel Ruiz offers for study.

Were you aware that The Four Agreements is based on an indigenous practice?

If not, sign up and you'll learn far more from this book and you'll do so among other folks that if they haven't read the book yet, they will afterward!

I'm just so excited to chat about this book. Be sure to call Anna Beddie at Misty River Books for a copy or to order you one in.

I have another announcement coming soon!

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