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I will add that if you decide to teach your kids about journaling or keeping a diary, be sure to keep your sticky fingers off. Even if they write terrible stories about being your child, they need a safe space to feel those feelings.

Here's a great Reddit thread on the argument regarding why Moms, Dads, and Siblings should keep their paws off.

Don't take it personally, they're learning to sort those expressions and experiences from each other. Children struggle to find meaning in their own lives. Just like we cannot know what goes on when we drop our kids off at school because we are not around, what they journal is still only part of the picture. 

A parent coming in, reading their diary or journal, and then judging them while telling them what they ought to feel is unhealthy and crosses many boundaries. Further it teaches your children (whether you mean it to or not,) that they cannot trust you to honour their privacy or their personal space. If they cannot feel safe writing their truth in the real world in their own room in their own home, this will lead to mental health struggles in diverse forms depending on other risk factors.

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I hope to have a multi-media version of this poem soon for people who experience the world differently. Just scroll to the bottom of this page to find it when it's ready... Darn! I know you want to see what the multimedia version of my poetry will be like, but you'll have to wait just a bit longer! Sign up to my Newsletter to get information!

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I had a lot of fun learning how to use a digital drawing/design/sketch program on my new professional-level mobile phone.   I was trying to find a way to design my own product logo which I wanted to have a campfire in it because the product was my "Storyteller's Powder" which is a food-safe fire additive which is used mostly for dramatic flair! Or, flare? I guess both apply here.   Last summer as we camped about northern BC all summer as deliberate homeless folk, we encountered a cool new trend of "Coloured Flames."   There are quite a few...

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