Sustainability & Solid Shampoo

Sustainability & Solid Shampoo


Hey folks, it’s not a mystery that I’m a fan of the environment, so in 2018 when work began on this website and I was deciding what I wanted it to be, it definitely included being able to bring in products. 

I live in the rural north and even if we have one store that sells (niche) products we love, that doesn’t guarantee they bring in items that appeal to everyone, or more specifically, me.

Weird thing is, because I know I'm missing some of my favourite products, I know others must be too! Being in the north can be hard on us artists, especially in the winter, during a pandemic!

The first new collection I want to introduce is my Sustainability collection. If the item itself isn’t sustainably made or compostable, then it’s probably something you can use over and over again without throwing away one-time-use products and their packaging. 

The first product I’m excited to announce is the Solid Shampoo Bar. Made with 100% natural products, no artificial ingredients such as parabens or silicone have been added. These beautiful and travel-perfect bars are available in ten different blends of essential oils and natural butters. 

More details (and products) to come!


Check out the Solid Shampoo Bars by clicking here.


Solid Shampoo Bar Benefits Include:

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