About Amanda on LinkedIn

About Amanda on LinkedIn

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About Amanda

Amanda grew up with ADHD before it was cool, and is a high-functioning Autistic you can call FolkWoman. Don’t call her anything else because she’s also a Badass Mother.


Amanda sees patterns and “larger pictures” easily but can be dismayed at the corporate and capitalistic nature of business. It bothers her that far too many Canadians are content with the status quo despite proof that the system hurts more than it helps.


Her priorities are:

  • to make this world better for her child,
  • to improve the environmental situation - if she can;
  • to improve the social ecology in our small northern communities so that residents do not also feel small "inside the system."


She wishes that all vulnerable populations, such as women in the north, disabled individuals, and those with addictions, to name a few, were treated with kindness and nurturance. She believes that unlike the current medical and judicial system models, there is a way for Canadians and Northerners to access true Justice, Healthcare, and Community.


Amanda's goal is not merely peace but the extinction of violence. She believes we are fostering the first generation to live aware of violence and yet our colonial culture lacks the tools needed to navigate that violence.


How? Through

  • Holding the circle, being witness, and participating in Reconciliation;
  • Empowering children & youth to become and remain involved in politics, society, & contemporary Canadian Culture.
  • Researching & writing a book about how Direct Representation can be claimed by our contemporary Canadian society;
  • Living by example to the best of her capacity for the witness of youth behind her,
Amanda wants to provide for her daughter with any and all the skills at her disposal to help build a future all children have access to.


She also loves dropping the odd curse word.

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