Importing Executive Fashions

Importing Executive Fashions

Living in the northwest, we have very little in the way of executive style or business clothes unless you're in industry. We have a few places to get jeans but nothing to get a decently made pair of trousers, and if you only have ever purchased from Reitmans then you my friend are in for a treat!

I've put the collection images here and they are linked to the collection's home page with those items you see. Feel free to click to explore any of the items in my newest collections.

For the last three weeks I have featured a holiday outfit of the week and I hope to feature more in the future, just not weekly.

I am a writer and artist and communications professional so I have fashion ideas I cannot always put into vision because I am not a seamstress or clothing designer. I am a capable digital and print publication designer but actually designing and then working on an article of clothing is beyond my skill set.

Instead: I've begun importing items that pass my rigorous quality checks:

  1. Is it natural fibres or natural ingredients that went into making it?
  2. Is the fabric of good enough quality to last in winters, falls, springs, and summers in the northern rural communities where I reside and do business?
  3. Would I wear it?
  4. Is it timely or fashionable enough yet balanced in style to be a staple in a capsule wardrobe?
  5. Is it something I can use to carry a design I've made?
  6. Is it affordable to Drop-Ship or store? Is there carbon off-setting for the transportation of this item?

As you can see, a lot goes into the design and prep, a lot goes into deciding if I should even bother to write copy or design store icons. Is this item worth me saying "this is worth your money" especially if I didn't make it?

Here's this week's newest and last "Outfit of the Week"


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