New T-Shirt and Sticker design, probably a new collection...

New T-Shirt and Sticker design, probably a new collection...

I have had an odd week and am tired of the many ways that black animals get treated like crap.

Crows are one the most intelligent and agile creatures on the planet and I think they get a bad rap. Also, they're ridiculously sweet when you get to know them.

I designed a few things based on this sentiment:

A black male-appearing model wears a white tee shirt with the design Pro Crow on it. He appears relaxed. The man is also wearing denim jean pants. He looks and is postured toward the left..


I also did a JUMBO sticker! Want one?

A Jumbo white sticker is featured on a silver laptop on a grey background. The sticker features a shadowed silhouette of a crow and the words " Pro Crow." This is a design by Amanda Ramsay. Around the laptop are a singular wireless mouse in white to the top left, a set of black padded headphones on the top right, a writing pads with instruments on the bottom right, and at the bottom left a plant's leaves poke into view.

I hope you like them.

I enjoy doing odd designs for people who just want their own "thing," that's how my collaboration with my daughter started. First she just wanted a hoody in the strawberry cow pattern but it morphed into having items she could rock any time with the same or similar design. My daughter and I are both sensitive to texture and material, so we have to be careful what items we choose to wear. We also have to be careful about tags.

I am hoping to turn this design into an actual article about crows if I can find the time! So, stay tuned and subscribe to my writings on Medium.

The tee is made by Gildan, a company of products multiple high schools I attended chose from their products for their class or school items. They're well-made 100% cotton tees and they're designed by me.

PRO CROW design with Watermarks

Further, they're printed by Printful which has operations in Canada, the US, and abroad. They've done some great product printing and I think I'm going to keep using them. The quality is better than some print shops and I've never had to step foot in their office.

If you happen to like some of the products I've designed, please let me know in a message what you think, and above all: Please enjoy!

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