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Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James My rating: 5 of 5 stars Mr. James' fantastic realm was a delight to experience. Set in an ancient Africa filled with monsters, magic, and attitude the characters of Black Leopard, Red Wolf do not fit into your colonial expectations as a white reader. I found this landscape beautiful and treacherous and the characters brilliant and funny. I found myself feeling the widest range of feelings a text has aroused in a long time. I was shocked, horrified, grossed out but then delighted, roaring with laughter, and at once in love with favourite...

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    I often get complimented on my watch straps.   In case you're one of my admirers, here's my latest:     Since I settled my accident and used the money to purchase items that would make activity and accessibility easier, one of those great tools has been an apple watch.   I have chronic pain, disabilities, and I often forget to eat, or sleep, or anything, if I'm in the middle of a creative episode. My watch uses haptics to tickle me from that state that most neurodiverse folks call "HyperFocus."   The haptics of an apple watch...

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