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Come check out the cutest floral set which will only grow all spring, as it should. What I love too, all of these pictures were taken by me, they're taken in Terrace and Northern British Columbia where I live in Canada. The shirt featured is the Ladies' Cap Sleeve T-Shirt with my Pink-Peach Rose on it. They are wild and domestic varieties of flowers with more to come. If you like an image but do not see your desired item with the design, please let me know. I will make custom and personalized items. Reach out to me here, to...

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I have had an odd week and am tired of the many ways that black animals get treated like crap. Crows are one the most intelligent and agile creatures on the planet and I think they get a bad rap. Also, they're ridiculously sweet when you get to know them. I designed a few things based on this sentiment:   I also did a JUMBO sticker! Want one? I hope you like them. I enjoy doing odd designs for people who just want their own "thing," that's how my collaboration with my daughter started. First she just wanted a hoody...

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New Article on Medium.com called Canva: Highest Value Tool for Content Managers & Creators     Available for reading now. It's part of a developing series of posts I hope to write to support northern BC small businesses and entrepreneurs. The whole link: https://medium.com/northern-bc-business-network/canva-highest-value-tool-for-content-managers-creators-566af1cc51ba?sk=7b77ca2965ca5adc1836ebb729ee8a6f  

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Available in Strawberry Pink and Bubble Gum Pink, this new duffle bag is easy to clean and tough enough to hold up to your worst damage, if you haven't taken a look at the other items in the Cow Print Collaboration Collection between Ruby and I, I've made a little list below the duffle bag image links of some of the other cow pattern items for sale.   I hope you enjoy!   Click here for the Bubble Gum Pink Duffle Bag Other Cow Pattern Collaboration Designs in Bubble Gum Pink: Unisex Hoody in Adult Sizes  Ceramic Mug Face Mask...

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FB header for NaNoWriMo2020 by Amanda Ramsay   What is NaNoWriMo you ask?   Well thanks for asking!   NaNoWriMo started over a decade ago and it stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is a single intensive month devoted to either a crazy untenable writing routine, or - it typically results in the euphoric realization that anyone can write, (including you) you just have to keep it regular.   Regardless if you're fresh meat or you've done NaNoWriMo for years, the community online is welcoming and there are often events near your community if not at your own library....

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