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I am a huge fan of these cosmetic pads. Ruby and I use them here at home. Please take a look at them and email me if you have any questions. We used to use so many cotton pads and then I remembered that sustainability is about reusable items. I purchased these last year to prove they were a terrible product, but the joke is officially on me: We Love Them. My daughter is always playing with her makeup and experimenting. These pads are perfect for washing those sensitive preteen and teen cheeks several times. Then, pop them in the...

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  I've gotten this question the most as I've been putting up posters around town and dropping off event postcards. Why are you calling it a book study? It's a book study because this will be the first in a monthly series of book studies that may deal with topics that may be emotional or personally affecting. If this is the case, sometimes reading a book alone can feel intimidating. I understand this feeling. I've often looked at books and longed to read them but been scared about my mental health afterward. I can be a bit sensitive. Things I...

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