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  I've gotten this question the most as I've been putting up posters around town and dropping off event postcards. Why are you calling it a book study? It's a book study because this will be the first in a monthly series of book studies that may deal with topics that may be emotional or personally affecting. If this is the case, sometimes reading a book alone can feel intimidating. I understand this feeling. I've often looked at books and longed to read them but been scared about my mental health afterward. I can be a bit sensitive. Things I...

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  This month I will be dissecting and analysing a well-known book by don Miguel Ruiz in 1997. His "The Four Agreements: a personal guide to freedom, a toltec wisdom book," not only changed my life, it changed many lives. In fact, this book and its author started a semi-cult like society which exploded in the southern US.   In this book I learned not only the four agreements but new habits to incoporate into my daily practice. The Book Study will be done by Zoom meeting. To get the details you MUST REGISTER HERE for free in order to...

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