Voice Lessons at Kermode Friendship Society for youth & teens. July & August, 2021.

Here is the Kermode Flyer about the voice lessons. I feel honoured to share the little I know. Excited to be a part of this excellent community program.


Registration required. Email youth@kermodefriendship.ca;

Kermode Friendship Society Digital Flyer: Free Voice Lessons, Small Group Voice / Singing Lessons, Tuesday starting July 6th, 2021, 11am-12noon for youth, or 12:30-to-1:30pm for teens. Registration required. Email youth@kermodefriendship.ca; Your instructor (is) Amanda Ramsay, Interdisciplinary Storyteller, folkwoman.ca. Kermode Friendship Society, 313 Kalum Street, Terrace, BC. An image of a youth singing at a microphone is featured first on a white background. Below that is an image of Amanda Ramsay, the instructor listed with a teal background. To the Right is her logo, the Teal Knowing Eye. The Kermode Friendship Society Logo is below the Instructor's image, and below the her logo is an image of chairs with music stands. At the bottom is an image of a musical scale with a treble clef with six quarter notes and two half notes.



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