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I hope your weekend has been as fruitful as mine.

The last few years have been a blur for me, not just because of COVID but because before even the pandemic I was going through a new form of growing pains. I felt like I was finally developing a strong enough backbone based on my experiences which are really unique.

In a northern community, past the middle of geographic British Columbia, Terrace BC was too set in its ways and business men (and women) were very often too scared to shake anything up. Their goals were not aligned with innovation, research, or positive and consistent change.

In every decade of my life I have worked for both corporations and non-profits and they all have something in common: they're run by human beings who - in being out of the large urban centres, are left to run businesses, corporations, and interest groups behind the social wave of things are are often left to make change for themselves. Then, along comes another social wave and you're scared to make any changes because by the time you're done those...another wave is already coming.

Non profits and small to medium businesses have a lot in common and that includes "riding the trend waves" in a rural location that also has to serve well-informed clientele and poor accesses to resources.

It's no wonder that so many clients and customers are using services like Amazon, and other online service and retail providers, even when there are free resources in their own community!

As I work on sharing stuff that all small businesses, entrepreneurs, and NGOs/Non-Profits could benefit from learning: stay tuned!

Stay tuned by following this group I lead on LinkedIn. If you're on this social media platform and looking for articles about Northern BC and operating or doing business here, then follow this group called Northern British Columbia Business Network, you'll find it at this link:

I will begin posting shortly in June 2022. My first series will be on "Communications 101"

Thanks for reading. #staytuned

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