Print on Demand, Sustainability & Environmentalism

Print on Demand, Sustainability & Environmentalism

There are a lot of claims regarding the fashion industries and a lack of sustainable and environmental standards or regulations. Plastics from poly-fibre clothing leech into our waterways every time we wash our clothes, and environmental soaps aren't as skin-friendly to sensitive-skinned people.

It's terrifying to think that one of the basic things we live in every day (out clothes) is one of the prolific environmental issues of our age. Generation?

For this reason, I'm working on a short article I'd like to post to Medium after the last of my research. I want to get this clear in my head especially since I operate an online store that sells print-on-demand merchandise.

My goal is to continually stick to natural fibres, but it's hard. It's the reason I chose the recycled from discarded poly-material for the bathing-suits I am carrying in the store now. You'll find them under bathing suits or by entering "Flouncy" in the search bar of the store. 

Here's the Recycled Materials high-waisted Bikini in Flouncy Tartan.

I'll do this research and write a piece for Medium shortly, methinks. Let me know if you'd read it!

Through Printful I create clothing and items for sale in the shop with my own designs on them. Rather than having to pre-order a whole slew of designs, customers of mine can actually select their ideal size or colour and then know that this shirt is being made specifically for them. One of the partners of Printful, and a product I can source, is the Bella+Canvas line.

I've grabbed their video about sustainability and how they're trying to change the markets & industries they work within.

What are your thoughts?



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