Peace is a Verb

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Peace is a Verb

We assume that peace is a passive result or sign that some major achievement has occurred. We think peace among some is better than general violence among all, and yet we fight and deny to live by the same rules we think being peace.
In 90 km zones northerners go anywhere from 90 to 130 km/h. And why? Because it’s fun. Which aspect? No one can tell me. Speeding is “fun,” despite the high risk of the activity being the key indicators of accident likeliness. “It’s fast, fast is fun,” simpletons seem to repeat to me without knowing one another.
Did you know that driving fast creates pressure on your body and a simultaneous hit of hormones similar to gambling? It’s an addicting hormonal reaction.
Think of that next time you condemn addicts who die of overdoses. They’re just seeking their next high, but it’s arguably safer than travelling at unrated speeds along untested roadways in the hands of hobbyist drivers. Additionally, an addict is not putting anyone but themselves physically in danger (mental and emotional distress are another factor.)
When we exclude people from our definitions of wellness we are merely showing our ignorances about illness still. Further, we are still showing that we have not personally accepted peace into our hearts.
Peace is a state of mind and heart, it is not only an intention, it is the priority of your every action. Love starts at the personal level and gives you the power of the gods.
To love IS Divine, don’t you see?
There is not “God” or “Goddess,” floating in an alternate ether of existence waiting to smite us with lighting bolts. If a deity was so far removed from the physical patterning of atoms that they were in fact separate from this creation, then they wouldn’t be gods. Instead, mothers and fathers are our example of creation, we are meant to see their example and make peaceful decisions about what to bring forward into our parenting.
While our family has a lot of disfunction-as any “normal” family does, the reality is that I can count of my folks, even after they pass. They gave me genetic material of themselves. It is the highest sign of their desire for a better and peaceful world: that they deigned to bother to set aside the time and resources to parent us, clothe, and feed us. I mean it’s illegal to feed your children to wolves in Canada and yet I still can’t help but be grateful they didn’t. There’s no law there, I mean if we wanted to waste tax dollars we could make it official “no feeding children to the wildlife, especially wolves,” but that denies the power that parents have.
Most kids know exactly how they will be different from their parents when they grow old and it seems the irony of the universe that there are some things we bring to parenting whether we like it or not. Every day as a mom, I am constantly trying to create a more peaceful existence and yet I am afterward horrified to find myself acting or sounding like someone who parented me.
Not all parents should be emulated and by the same token not all habits of even great parents should be repeated. As times change our knowledge does too. When I was born, mothers were allowed to smoke in the hospital. No kidding.
As we grow as a species and we find that we cognitively evolve and adapt we must remember that we are always ignorant until we know better. There are freedoms in life we can’t even conceive of because they start with peace at the core of action.
Peace toward yourself, peace toward others, and peace toward your past. The past cannot hurt you, it is the thoughts and reactions in our bodies and minds that affect us in the present-and we can change those.
I’ll explore more and more about cognitive therapies and how they really are the key to peace. Mastery over your mind and heart will help you contain and behave in a peaceful way, but in your own style. Peace is as unique as our fingerprints because that peace is built into our brains. If you’ve ever seen brain images or scans, or spoken to doctors and scientists about the brain, you will notice that every brain is unique.
Based on the shape of your brain doctors can now tell what kind of childhood you had. They can tell trauma from health, and trauma and ill health look very much the same. Why?
Trauma is the psychological (and psychiatric) internal damages that have wounded people. Just like that scar we all earn at least once as a child, you cannot undo trauma, you must adapt around the scar tissue.
At some point, trauma can erode not only a person but their personality and ability to function.
I believe that world wide as white folk are getting more and more “woke,” at least I hope they are-we can see that more and more people are disillusioned by the privilege they carry over others as a sign of having “made” it despite never ever actually feeling like you have. As we look toward the growing income disparity we can’t help but fear that we might also fall in- And That’s The Rub.
The only reason we all agree to this capitalist dog eat dog world is because we are simultaneously terrified of being eaten and fascinated by the action of the powerful to dismantle, digest, and eradicate “threats.”
Spoiler alert, some one in your community trying to do the same things as you is not a threat-the powerful see that as opportunity to expand. They mentor and cultivate this person, know why?
Peace. Not business.
We all want to thrive, and even in a capitalist regime like today, competition is always healthy. Problem is, in a capitalist economy, those who aren’t as successful are likely capable of being destroyed and never finding peace again. Ever seen someone go through bankruptcy?
We need peace, not business.
We need folks who can afford to live in their own hometowns, rather than being sold off to bigger towns with larger homelessness housing complexes.
We also know that the biggest contributor to childhood trauma is a lack of support and resources: so the 1990’s response was to ban teachers from hugging kids who want to hug anyways?! (Ugh!)
Let me show you something:
A child that wakes naturally will want to go to bed naturally. They will begin to feel and identify their feelings of fatigue for what they are just as a baby they learn to identify that they are hungry.
In my time alive my fear is that folks are comforted too much by a violent status quo. People would rather scream at you and call you an idiot rather than evaluate their own actions and they wonder why the world feels angrier and angrier every day.
I was driving in Prince George, I changed lanes a long way before there was anyone in my lane, but a redneck trucker from the Hart pulled out behind me and floored it. He tailgated next all the way to a red light. Once stopped, he got out of his truck and came to my window (while idling at the red light of Highway 97 and 5th. It’s a big intersection.)
While standing at my window he hurled obscenities but I gave him nothing. I didn’t look at him, I didn’t respond, I stared out my windshield like I was waiting for the light to change. I was. He should’ve been too.
It apparently didn’t help his issues because he then punched my window. I flinched.
He laughed at me and swore some more while pointing and tapping my window hard with his finger, threatening me with action while I pretended not to hear his words.
I called the RCMP but no one ever called me back. No one came to take a report. I called at least four times because I’d been terrified. At the time my daughter was only three and I’d been on my way to get her.
What if she had been in the car already?
There was no reason for his violence or behaviour, but if a man can come up to my window in broad daylight, and threaten me, and make me feel scared on the busiest roadway in town, and then suffer absolutely No Consequences? What the fuck is our society telling these women about their safety? What about Our peace? What about peace in the face of raging & busy “industry?”
There’s a reason Indigenous people, women, and children all go missing along the highway- people have stopped caring about them.
I haven’t.
Last month a PG woman was left in Vanderhoof by her boyfriend, when they’d gotten into a fight. She was terrified and alone, just wanting to find a ride home.
Thankfully we encountered one another and I took her to PG. All along the highway are signs with a red line through a hitchhiking thumb.
How does that help a woman who didn’t expect to be stranded?
Driving through Moricetown I’m always dismayed by the “Girls Don’t Hitchhike on the Highway of Tears” billboard as we go through town. It’s not that simple and paying for a billboard is not only a waste of money, it’s like advertising your ignorance as males with money.
Instead support local and regional attempts to create low-income transportation along highway 16. Universities and Colleges organize directional ride shares around holidays and busy long weekends so that students with transport can give rises to folks with gas money.
It’s not Uber, but it’s an idea that might bring a little peace to the north.
Do you have any ideas on how to make the North a peaceful place filled with Awareness? Do you want to Make Peace ?
How do you do it? (No religion
How would you do it?

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