Sponsorship & Donation Options

We are not yet available for investment or private / public equity.

FolkWoman Publishing is the company of Interdisciplinary Storyteller Amanda N. Ramsay. Here she enjoys working with other writers and artists to bring their work to others. The cultures she belongs to leak into her own writing about the journey of decolonization she is recommitting to daily for herself and for her daughter.

Instead of paying through Patreon, Etsy, or other funding programs, FolkWoman Publishing hosts its own website to put more of our money toward producing content.

Currently, you can make recorded (private or public) contributions to FolkWoman Publishing in a number of ways.

Sponsor or Donate

What is a Sponsor vs. What is a Donor?

A donor is someone who gives money without asking anything in return. Some donors think they can make demands after they make a donation but by law, they cannot. Instead, media corporations and news networks sell advertising to sponsor content.
Ads pay for superbowls as well as newspapers, but they don't have to. Instead of donations and sponsorship money going toward flashy advertising, we believe in supporting local folks who make as well.

Here's How We Support Sponsors:

We give that money to folks who want to write for us: if you're a restaurateur for example, what better way to advertise than to host several creative locals and ask them to write about the feast they can order at your place? Talk to them about your business and be interviewed by locally developing foodies?! Sounds too good to be true!
That's what being willing to exchange time and collaboration for sponsorship looks like with FolkWoman.ca.

So, how do you choose?

On our website, a Donor or Donation is a one-time gift of money or time or exchange of services. It requires no follow up nor does it entitle anyone to make demands of us as a publisher. You can donate whenever you want to, in whatever amount, for example. We are non-profit but we are not currently registered since we cannot currently meet up.
To sponsor us means that you are willing to agree to sponsor Specific Content or want to generally support our operations. Sponsorships can last for a length of time and involve repeated financial support, repeated gifts of time, or regular exchanges or access to your services or business.

We do not post ads to Google, etc. nor do we list any on this website. Content that we publish on Medium is, however, subject to the agreements of that media and platform.

FolkWoman.ca is willing to attach a Single Banner ad of 728px by 90 px at the end of content if sponsored by a specific person or business but we are not willing to put up corporate ads, political ads, product ads, or other.

Currently the Banner Ad is minimalist in style. Customers prefer this. They don't like to be jolted out of their reading. View our example below:
What Customers get is the choice to click through to this ad's location link. Each ad can be linked to a sponsor's website, Facebook page, or search engine listing of choice. You may also submit specific URLs so that you can calculate and compile data on the visitors you receive from FolkWoman.ca or our content.
Regular Sponsors may negotiate a regular page location on the website, however this program is still in development.