Services offered by Amanda Ramsay, and/or are of Limited Availability.

They can easily be summarized by the following meta-categories:



Editing, &

Publishing (usu. incl. design)


When purchasing a service on the website please be aware that it may take 48 hours to contact you, or up to two business days.

The Total Cost of Services are calculated by Ms. Ramsay. Purchasing a service is considered a deposit, especially since many folks prefer to add services once they speak to Ms. Ramsay and understand what her services offer to business owners & managers.

Services are offered around a variable schedule and must be planned via phone or virtual meeting.

Here's what to expect once you purchase a service:


Immediately: an email with PDF attachment sent to the email used to register for or purchase the service. The email will include:

  • Details regarding the specific service and how best to prepare.
  • An Intake Form: Please print off, fill out, and send back.
  • Availability & Contact Questionnaire: Please print off, fill out, and send back.
  • A Disclosure Questionnaire: Please print off, fill out, and send back.
  • A Sample Invoice.
  • Services Price List.


Within twenty-four (24) to forty-eight hours (48), Amanda Ramsay (Owner, Publisher & Artist) will contact you. In the case of a long weekend, please allow two (2) business days.

Ms. Ramsay will typically use the answers to the "Availability Questionnaire" to make this phone call and schedule any meetings.

If at any time you would like to notify Ms. Ramsay of a change in availability, please print out another copy and submit by email or mail. For mailing address, please refer to our Contact page.


After Ms. Ramsay has contacted you, confirmed requested services, and reviewed sent-in documents, she will price out the job and send to you:

  • The Project Brief.
  • A Services Agreement.
  • A Budget Approval Form, &
  • Full Project Invoice.

Once received, please fill them out as prompted and send them in at your earliest convenience.

No Services or Work will start on ANY projects until a deposit has been received, as per the Remittance Schedule on the Budget Approval Form.

If any changes are required or requested, please make these changes to the Project Brief in writing (by hand, if needed) and then send in. No deposit is required until the Project Brief is agreed upon.



Please ensure that you respond to emails and phone calls promptly from Ms. Ramsay & Company and add the following emails to your safe list:


& others as required.

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