About Amanda N. Ramsay

I'm an Interdisciplinary Artist with a severe addiction to Storytelling. If I can sing it, paint it, or perform it with narration for you... I will. You've been warned. Also, do you want to read a copy of my manuscript?

Hit by a truck in 2014, Amanda is still kicking and credits journaling for keeping up a constructive mental health regimen.


Amanda is a "mad" artist who explores the boundaries of "otherness," social isolation, and beauty without recognition. Amanda has performed spoken word, music, and theatre, and written three plays, hundreds of poems, many short stories and essays.

What's Beauty without recognition, you ask?

If a tree falls in the woods and no one was around to hear it, is it still beautiful?

Currently she is preparing the novel Citizen Vamp for Publication, outlining the next novel Democratic Demons, and chasing her pre-teen down muddy trails.

Keep an eye on Amanda's piece for the Skeena Salmon Arts Festival and be sure to make time to see the show when it comes to a gallery near you.