I am affiliated with some companies and products that I believe in. In some cases, I am affiliates with companies I'm not hugely fond of but I cannot deny the difference in my life that they make as a disabled, neurodiverse, single mother with a super cool kid.

I refer programs, applications, music, products, and places that I myself have already used, visited, or participated in. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Since you spotted it on me and I'm referring the product, I may get a small affiliate bonus for your purchase. Money from my affiliate links will help pay for more reviews.

Thankfully this also means that my followers and subscribers may get discounted prices on these products because I am an affiliate.

For example, I paid $26.99 on Amazon for my previous watch strap from Wearlizer Here; but followers who want their own can get it HERE for only $22.99...!


Below are some of the partnership links I have for the affiliations I am comfortable advocating. I do not believe in following others, so naturally I have my own opinions on things. Plus, I love sharing when things are awesome. Stick around...

My Affiliations:

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