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There are a number of reasons I have been asked to consult with folks in the past. Part of that is because I see creative opportunities and unmet markets easily because I am Neurodiverse. (if you don't know what that means, Click Here to read my piece on Medium.)

In my experience business owners, much like I too have struggled with this problem, have a hard time seeing their own "Unique Brand" or "Voice." You'll hear these terms in marketing a lot. But, if we were talking about the protagonist of a novel, we'd say: "What's this person's story?" or "What makes them a hero to some?"

Because a singular story is often metaphoric, picking the right way to tell it is important. The story of you, your brand, or your unique voice is difficult to identify in oneself and I like to serve as the sounding board for professionals to get creative without judgement.

At the bottom of the page you will find my Contact Me form. Please fill it out if you have any questions or detailed requests. Otherwise my Phone Number and Email are both here, on my Contact Me page.

We are all heroes to some. What does your inner hero look like?