About Folk Woman Publishing

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The website FolkWoman is run by Amanda N. Ramsay and supports the collaboration of artists, writers, and makers of all varieties in the north.

Amanda's Mission is to help others tell their story in their own tongue by telling her story in hers.

In the past, Amanda has also created and managed the website www.RabbleRouser.ca and focused on sourcing, editing, designing, & layout for content on those sites. Previously, we've hosted writing by locals Mr. Laurence Robinson and Ms. Jenna Medeiros.

This website is run privately by Amanda who is a "Disabled" & "Mad" artist living on disability. You can learn more about her by clicking on "About Amanda." You can also help support this project by clicking on "Make a Donation" or "Contribute Monthly."

Instead of paying to host on Patreon or Etsy, Amanda felt that a website would be more adaptable and versatile for the eclectic collections she works on, both herself and in collaboration with others.