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This is the page where I will post details of the books I am working on, editing, publishing or otherwise helping others with.

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Currently Available:

That Dark Part: A Book of Poetry

by Amanda Ramsay

My first book That Dark Part: A Book of Poetry, is available:


In the Works:

I have a lot of projects on the go... here are a few... more details to come!


Citizen Vamp

by Amanda N Ramsay

I started this novel in 2009. My friend Austin made this cover and I just tweaked it a bit. Like it? (Excerpt to come)

Citizen Vamp, a Novel by Amanda N. Ramsay

Eagle Eats:

Written by Amanda Ramsay, Illustrated by Oli Sherrill

A children's picture book with art work by Oli Sherrill. I wrote the script in 2017 during a particularly dark winter. I found joy in remembering Eagles and their particular way of eating along the coast.


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