My Mission

I don't like people feeling confronted by me when I speak my truth but it's been a steep learning curve. I am still learning to speak my truth without hurting others.

One of my skills is in social connection and communication. I enjoy hearing people and learning new things but like others, I am human. I think of life as wisdom to learn, minus the time. The more time I get, the more wisdom I can collect, if I am smart. But no one knows how long they have on this earth and I am no different.

My Mission:

To find my story, to support others in clarifying and learning their own story, and to support the healing and growth of my family, neighbours, and communities in achieving their own stories.


I hope to achieve this by living as humble a path I can forge, and by practising the following habits:

    1. Nurturance
    2. Decolonization
    3. Love
    4. Having Faith in People

In time, I hope to find my story but I suspect I'll have an easier time if I centre myself among people and cultures that support these goals and mission. Keep an eye out for me as I explore this life and explore the people and stories around me.

I wish you peace.