My Mission: As FolkWoman

Folk Woman was a theme that came to me as an alternative to Rabble Rouser. I don't like people feeling confronted by me when I speak my truth but it's been a steep learning curve. I'm still learning to speak my truth without hurting others.


No matter where I have lived, we are all just humans trying to get by. Mostly I don't believe in division. I believe in active listening, taking responsibility, and always being ready to make amends and do better. I also know that I don't know anything really. I only know what I can from my perspective, my education, and what I am exposed to. It is my privilege that I can ask people to tell me their stories and that I will do my absolute best to listen actively and make space for them and their realities.


I identify as a "Queer" woman, I am also very much a woman. I was born female and I am living my life as a non-binary presenting female who walks the edge of queerness in the mind rather than in the social expression of my identity. I strive to give voice to things that others don't want to touch. I have experienced much pain in my life because when others see a chasm of darkness that they don't want to approach the edge of, I'd happily jump right in. All rabbit holes have their paths. All rabbit holes serve a function. All stories belong to people and places. For too long colonial thought about singular identities and melting-pot politics has dominated conversations in North American settler cultures. As a white settler, 4th generation Canadian born, 8+ on my mother's side, I know we are a series of small cultures and nations at odds with each other over what "Canada ought to be."


In my past I have lived in situations of domestic violence: verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual. I have been gaslit and I have gaslit myself while trying to stay sane in an insane environment. We all have complex cycles in our lives that only we know the full truth of. It is my hope that one day we will all know one another better, both in this life time and for the future of our children. It is my experience that domestic violence is so difficult because we're still talking about lovers. We're talking about humans who took up unhealthy habits and behaviours who - if willing - can pick up a reason to change their behaviour. It can't be our reasons but as a survivor, as a neurodivergent, I am compelled to speak about this experience because I can. I have privilege in ways that many who live these experiences do not have. I will continue to speak on this issue and donate my time accordingly.


I didn't realize In giving birth to a child that they actually were the future made real. My own journey with parenthood hasn't been easy but I couldn't have made it without the jewel of my eye. They are the best and most wonderful addition to my life and I'm just trying to get out of their way as they teach me how to change the world.


One of my skills is in social connection and communication. I enjoy hearing people and learning new things but like others, I am merely human. I think of life as wisdom to learn, minus the time. So the more time we get, hopefully the more wisdom we are capable of collecting-if we're smart.


So this is my mission:


To find my story, to support others in clarifying and learning their own story, and to support the healing and growth of my family, neighbours, and communities.
I hope to achieve this by living as humble a path I can forge, and by practising the following habits:


    1. Nurturance
    2. Decolonizing
    3. Love
    4. Have Faith in People


In time, I hope to find my story but I suspect I'll have an easier time if I centre myself among people and cultures that support these goals and mission. Keep an eye out for me as I explore this life, explore the people and stories around me, and as I navigate parenting in this crazy world.