Social Media

1) WriterRamsay Accounts:

Typically my handle includes WriterRamsay, or @WriterRamsay. These accounts focus on my personal journey, my writing, and my personal likes and dislikes. It's a place to share my story, the art of story-telling, and sometimes my process. I will get political and share things that tickle my funny bone on these more personal accounts.

2) FolkWoman Accounts:

These are the professional accounts of my art and storytelling. This is where I will post completed projects, share my writing, and post my favourite pictures.

I'll also share my writing, my designs, and any printables or photography through these accounts. This is also the family-friendly account.

If you would like to follow me on social media, please pick by clicking (or tapping) on the image of it below:

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I do not have a Patreon

Instead I have this website where folks can get items at cost of production + shipping, and help fund the cost of hiring and training a staff, so be sure to check out the FolkWoman Store Here.
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