Our Region: The Skeena



FolkWoman.ca is based out of Terrace in British Columbia's north, Canada.

The community is situated on the traditional and unceeded lands of the Tsimshian First Nations, of which there are five but the land we are on is traditionally Kitsumkalum and Kitselas Nations territories.

Our region is heavily influenced by the cultures of our local First Nations including non-Tsimshian Nations such as the Nisga'a, the Haida, and the Haisla. These strong and proud cultures permeate this place and spirit, perhaps it is their elders keeping watchful eyes on all of us.

Terrace is a rocky flat place where two rivers meet: The Skeena and the Kitsumkalum meet here and continue out to sea together. They are the watersheds of many fish including Salmon and other species that influence the cultures that have lived here for thousands of years. These waterways also feed important bird habitats, wetlands, and rainforests. These places are not just beautiful and aesthetic, they are sacred, old, and immeasurably valuable as the lungs of the earth. The only rainforests to rival the Northwest of Canada is the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and the Congo River Basin in west Africa.


A fog and cloud covered mountain greets those who drive along the northern highway toward Terrace from Smithers.