Amanda's Projects & Direction

Between applying for grants and raising my kid, I'm pretty busy.

In 2021, here are my projects and what I'm working on. Please let me know if any of these projects interest you.


Completed Projects

  • CCA Grant Application for 2022 Art Show, démasqué. Currently under review. 
  • Skeena Salmon Arts Festival sculptural multi-media piece titled "The Last Salmon" where it toured to both Terrace and Smithers. Now completed, I want to share A BIG THANK YOU to Santrina Meeks who is now the proud owner of a 7 foot salmon!
  • That Dark Part: a book of poetry available on Amazon (HERE as a book or HERE in a kindle-friendly version)


     Writing & Projects

    • Wandering: a memoir.
    • Book of Mari - feminist high-fantasy.
      • Untitled - another book of poetry.
      • Democratic Demons - an urban fantasy novel. Used to be called "Citizen Vamp."
      • Untitled a book on policy.

      Art & Projects

      • Art Show, démasqué - in Research & Creating Mode. Show planned/applied for October 2022. #staytuned
      • Cosplay Commission: details forthcoming. Completed.
      • Collecting Songs for a Musical CD.
      • Canvases, multiple.
      • The "Garden Project" for my mother.

       Projects in-Feasibility: Education & Learning

      • Alternative curricula delivery model that meets and matches neurodiverse modes of learning. This has been in development since 2018 and won't be available until 2023.
      • Library of Resources for Neurodiverse learning, stimulation, & education modification. Currently researching feasibility and studying extant models.
      • Alternative policy/philosophy frame work. This has been in development since 2016.

      Personal Learning Goals:

      • Learning: music and theory in song-writing.
      • Emergent theories & nurturance cultures.
      • Autism Research & Social Impacts.