Current Projects Include:


Current Projects Include:

Between applying for grants and raising my kid, I'm pretty busy even though I get away with rarely leaving the house.

In 2021, here are my projects and what I'm working on currently. Please let me know if any of these projects interest you.

Responding to Various Open Calls for Artists, Writers, or Singers including:

  • CBC Literary Prizes and Competitions
  • Local Gallery Calls

 Writing Projects - Current Status

  • Citizen Vamp: a novel - Final edits and structural changes.
  • Democratic Demons: second novel to Citizen Vamp - Outlining.
  • The Book of Mari - A Feminist High-Fantasy (Planned Trilogy)
  • Articles on Medium, publications titled:
    • FolkWoman
    • Words Matter
    • Northern BC Business Network
  • Untitled Book of Poetry
  • Writer Ramsay Writing Prompts - In development

VanLife - Late 2021

  • Phase One - Feasibility & Planning
  • Phase Two - Reclamation & Build
  • Phase Three - Establish Arts & Storytelling Practice - TBA

My Linked In Profile & Links

My Portfolio - Coming Soon!

For more information on these or other projects please use the contact form below: