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On my Instagram account @writerramsay and my Facebook Page Writer Ramsay, I share daily writing prompts when I can remember to schedule the creativity and research for them. I've had fun creating them but they can be a bit of a time suck. I'd love to be able to hire local folks who are also disabled to create this content for me and this is where our wonderful Sponsors and Donors come in.

What is a Sponsor vs. What is a Donor?

A donor is someone who gives money without asking anything in return. Some donors think they can make demands after they make a donation but by law, they cannot. Instead, major corporations and news networks have been selling advertising as a way to sponsor content. Ads pay for superbowls as well as newspapers, but they don't have to. Instead of going to advertising, sometimes it's nice for a local person or creative to have their own ads, their own presence, and their own brands and messaging out.

So, how do you choose?

On our website, a Donor or Donation is a one-time gift of money or time or an exchange of services. It requires no follow up nor does it entitle anyone to make demands of us as a publisher. You can donate ten dollars whenever you want to, for example. We are non-profit but we are not currently registered since we cannot currently meet up.

To sponsor us means that you are willing to agree to sponsor Specific Content or want to generally support our operations. Sponsorships can last for a length of time and involve repeated financial support, repeated gifts of time, or regular exchanges or access to your services or business.

We do not post ads to Google, etc. nor do we list any on this website. Content that we publish on Medium is, however, subject to the agreements of that media and platform.

Donations are:

  • paid to collaborators
  • paid to illustrators or designers for their contributions
  • paid to writers, poets, and essayists for their contributions
  • paid to editors
  • paid toward data entry labour
  • applied toward the administrative and organizational costs of launching and maintaining a non-profit society, as soon as groups can meet we'll have our first meeting. #staytuned
  • applied toward the costs of website: the applications, upkeep - including order processing, content organization, editorial management, and others.