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Why Do I Need Patrons?

I am an artist with disabilities living my truth in a rural community in Northern BC.
Before (and when "post"-COVID happens) I enjoy supporting and meeting up with other artists to chat, share news, and talk shop.
Against a plain teal backdrop amanda smiles. In the bottom right corner is the folkwoman logo, a pink and navy blue eye on an irregular dark teal square.
Currently I am a disabled artist and the cost of projects can often decide for me that I won't be able to pursue them. I'm attempting to write grants for these projects but often my very disabilities that inspire me are the same that make these processes more difficult. at present I write and design everything on the website.

If I were able to earn a handful of patrons who contribute monetarily financially, to support my R&D and my grant writing efforts and hire some help, then I would be able to create even bigger, more helpful things.
In the future I do want to hire staff because I think that's how we train folks who are younger than us, we give them our knowledge and the resources we can spare. They give us their time and their interactions with our own work and the work of others. It's precious, and I would appreciate any support you can offer for this objective.