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I'm a Wordsmith. A Creator.
I have ideas.


Do you have a hard time summarizing your own style, identifying your brand, or pinpointing how to approach your own media platform? Maybe you are stuck on #Content Ideas?


I’m really good at watching, studying, and understanding from a larger systemic picture. Take advantage of my multi-disciplinary mind and neurodiverse brain with this gift card. Have a friend who needs help? Then this is the perfect Gift for the business person with everything.



 All Gift Cards include:

  • Free half hour assessment and project planning session
  • Allotted number of hours apply to consultation, design, creative solution-centred planning, inclusion assessments, accessibility assessments, creative team organization and motivation, creative planning or strategy, product creative, branding, market navigation, or narrative development.
  • Subscription to Folk Woman's "business-focused" communications