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FolkWoman To Do List for Planning & Organization

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This is a domestic document that I like to use to sort out my task lists in a project but I also like using it for my daily to-do's.

Some folks want a list they can list things in order for, go for it. Others want a dumping ground, go for that. No matter your style, the "No." column means you can number your list by priority or by hand as you write/record your list.

I included a location for date and time at the top and I also include a "List #" location  under that. Then, a "Realm" location. Realm indicates what part of your life this list is for.

If I have stuff at work I want to organize, then I list work, under realm. If it's at home, then I put domestic. If it's a to-do list by room, then I list the room. If it's a creative task or project I list the project name.

This is a teal and pink and navy design that I really like with yes/no options for those who can never remember if their x means it's done or canceled (scratches head).

Let me know if you like it, and if you would like a personalized version or document, please email me at