Original Art: An Autumn Quartet

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This quadruplet of small art pieces were studies in ink and acrylics and metallics. Working with shape and building on texture, I wanted to share how vivid the forest looks to me even in low light.

In no particular order:

  • "Helios"
  • "Small & Deadly"
  • "Fungal Stump" and
  • "Moonlit Glow"

Each small canvas is 2" by 2" inches square. ( 5.08cm square) and together, depending on space and arrangement, they could fill a space slightly larger than 5" square. Further, they would make a great line-up of art on that skinny wall or space where nothing else fits.

Original artwork by Amanda Ramsay, circa 2019. All Rights Reserved.

No prints of these are or will be available.