Reusable Facial Pads, 3 pieces per package

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Every purchase of Reusable Facial Pads includes three facial pads per package.

There are four textures available:


Image is on a non-descript tan watercoloured background. Four reusable cosmetic pads with different textures are labelled. A is Quilted, B is Prim, C is Shaggy, and D is Stitched.


Unfortunately, not all textures are available in every colour, however each pad's texture can be used to provide more specific help with your beauty routine:



We have also been told by the manufacturer that the shaggy and stitched are also great for rubbing lotion or oil buffing into skin.


Each package comes with three pads, so consider: Do you want a mixed lot of the same texture with different colours, or do you want all the same colour but one of each texture? Consider and then shoot me any questions you may have about this product at


My daughter and I have been using these specific pads to wash our faces for over a year now and they've held up beautifully to rigorous washing, random soaps and scrubs, and they're still gorgeous when we hang them up to dry.



While organic materials are great for wiping away oils and such, they can also tend to strip more out of skin because as natural ingredients they are dryer and act like a sponge, pulling your natural oils out of your skin.


If you have sensitive skin like my daughter and I, sometimes you don't want the natural pads because of that drying quality. Don't get us wrong, we also have bamboo and cotton scrub pads here in our home, but these pads serve another purpose. During the winter, my skin is combo and prone to dryness. The artificial pads don't wick away any oil there for the taking, they wash whatever comes off naturally and won't strip your skin. The poly-based micro-fibre is great at capturing stuff off your face even with plain water and soap.

The "Prim" texture pad is perfect for oil or non-oil-based makeup removing, and the Shaggy pads we've had fun using to exfoliate our legs in the winter. They hold sugar and salt scrubs well!


Take a look at the images below, peruse through the ratings, and let me know if you have any questions!