Hand Pressed Solid Shampoo Bar, no artificial ingredients

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This solid shampoo bar is perfect for travelling and saving the planet.

Skip the shampoo bottles and plastic waste.

Solid shampoos have been around for awhile but they get a bad reputation.

Since these shampoo bars are made with only natural (no artificial) ingredients including essential oils, and does not foam as much as your typical shampoo, some may find these bars a touch drying.



For sensitive or gentle skin, please use the lavender, honey, calendula or olive.

For dark hair that would like to emphasize shine, please select the coffee or charcoal. Coffee will also help stimulate the hair follicles and skin cells of the scalp.

No matter which shampoo bar you use, ensure you use a leave-in conditioner to nourish and lock moisture into the hair.


lather the bar in your fingertips, getting as much of the softened shampoo onto the fingertips. Then, lather the hair and scalp starting under the hair and working upward toward the crown of the scalp.

Rinse with warm water and ensure a second rinse if you find soap drying.